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bluminerals™ is BleachBright's exclusive remineralzing gel. Introduced in November of 2012, we are the first to launch this revolutionary product. If you whiten your teeth, then bluminerals™ is a must-have to protect your investment. Want to know why? Read below.

bluminerals™ Protects Your Whitening

After whitening, the tubules (pores) of the teeth remain open and can easily absorb stains after eating or drinking. bluminerals™ seals the pores of the teeth to prevent staining and maintain your teeth's new sparkly white color.

bluminerals™ Eases Sensitivity

Peroxide can sometimes cause tooth sensitivity in some people. If used after an L.E.D. whitening, bluminerals™ eases tooth sensitivity by using potassium nitrate. If you suffer from sensitivity when you whiten your teeth, then this product is for you.

bluminerals™ Rebuilds Enamel

Teeth experience enamel loss whenever someone eats or drinks. bluminerals™ contains sodium fluoride to help rebuild and strengthen tooth enamel naturally.

Next time you get your teeth whitened, make sure you ask for bluminerals™.

I am really excited with the introduction of the new bluminerals™ sealer and enamel booster. It is a great add-on to the BleachBright L.E.D. whitening. Giving my clients the option of sealing in the whitening treatment and enamel boosting their newly whitened teeth, just makes sense. My first bluminerals™ client said she “loved the soothing effect and the extra confidence she had of her teeth enamel being strengthened”.

— Steve B